Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good Service Part 3.5

A short chapter in the Good Service saga.
It's 8am. I've been up all night. My youngest child is puking. Guess who's still going to the Nissan dealership?
Yup. I hope he barfs all over them. If they'd done this yesterday this wouldn't be an issue, now would it?!
Really, he doesn's seem too worse for the wear. If he was totally miserable I wouldn't take him. He talked my ear off all night while we watched reruns of "How Clean is Your House".
They're computers are out in the center of the garage. I may have him walk around and breathe hard on all their keyboards.

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Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness!! Another reason I'm glad we drove to Parkersburg to buy our Odyssey rather then Barboursville to Moses ;0) Of course, the biggest reason was the price difference, we saved $thousands$ driving to Parkersburg over Lester Raines in Charleson & Moses in Barboursville!!

I so hope to see an update from you that they actually FIXED it today!!!

We went up there to purchase but use Lester Raines for our maintenance & yes, it's been in their body shop THREE TIMES, never our fault, since we bought it in Feb. 05, I was so upset each & everytime someone hit it!

But they have excellent customer service in their body shop & maintenance dept. I hope you got things fixed today & your son feels better....without the rest of the house coming down with it.