Saturday, December 8, 2007

The House

It's a wreck again. How does it happen? I spent the entire day cleaning on Thursday and what do I have? A disaster zone on Friday. I suppose we're just total "nasty buggers" like Kim says on "How Clean is Your House".

Yes, I've taken up television again. Not a lot and thank goodness for Tivo. It really does help us budget our time in front of the TV,, not to mention how much advertising we take in! So I record

Good Eats

How Clean is Your House &

Clean House

That's about the extent of my TV time. How Clean is Your House is my favorite right now. Kim and Aggie are hilarious! I cannot believe they touch and sniff all the stuff that they do! It totally grosses me out. The absolute SQUALOR these people are living in! Clean House is good too but the people are generally just way over cluttered. There's no dead animals under a moldy 6ft deep pile of laundry or anything. (I'm not kidding)

I'm about to head out Christmas Shopping for the day but I'm going to straiten up a bit before I go so a company like Phase I environmental doesn't have to come in and decontaminate our home like similar companies sometimes have to do on my favorite program!

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