Thursday, December 27, 2007

Methane Gas Detectors

Wow, I really could have used one of those yesterday.

I went out briefly to pick up a few things from Target and A.C.Moore. I was by myself so I wandered. It was nice. I looked at clothes, Christmas ornaments and kitchen accoutrements. No one was standing over (or under) my shoulder in the "see, I can be patient!" kind of way.

But then it happened.

If I didn't walk into one gaseous human explosion, I walked into three! Oh. My. Goodness. The thing is,, I don't think it was the same person!

Wow, it was eye watering. I suppose folks have really been over indulging! Deviled eggs and potato salad will do that to a person I guess!

One of those methane gas detectors would have been really handy!

Well, Christmas went off without a hitch. The kids are sufficiently spoiled. The kids got Daddy a new knife and I got him some jerky from The Beef Jerky Smokehouse , some ammo, and some new work gloves. My MIL got me a killer crock pot (I needed one so badly) and my mom got me a dirt devil hand vac (also something I really wanted).

I'm so grateful to my little bit of blog money I'm making! For the first time in forever,, I had a little bit of cash of my own to buy a gift with. In years past it always seemed stupid for me to go out and spend his paycheck on something he hasn't purchased for himself already. Not this year though! I had saved about $70 back just to buy him a gift with. It wasn't much but I didn't have to dip into the checking account and that was nice.

So, ya'll keep this in mind when you have to read about insurance or methane gas detectors, or fancy watches you'll never buy. Thanks for being an audience to my mindless drivel!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

The Evil Twin and I call that phenomenon "The Wall of Fart". Shew.... it's happened to us a zillion times. Gak! Sounds like you had a really nice Christmas.

kitten said...

LOL! How do you make money from your blog?
Glad you got some alone time! Aint it nice!