Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Let's see,, what else did you miss? Part 2

On Monday the boys and I attended a candy making class which turned into a "child finger licking spectacular" but that's fine!
It's all good because I learned how to make Chocolate Covered Cherries! WOOT! I didn't actually make any but I picked up a few tips and a little confindence so now I think I can. Totally worth the price of admission if you ask me!
The kids made some very VERY colorful candy! They had fun doing it too. I hope Glenna and her house is recovered!

The guys had so much fun that they wanted to make more when we came home. We made a trip out to ACMoore to get some more (I had a few thanks to Mary ) molds and some decorator bottles. I'd never used those before but WOW,,, do they make a difference! So much neater and clean up was a cinch! Well worth a buck a piece! So Tuesday the kids made a ton,,, I mean A TON of chocolate suckers. They fancy themselves quite the candy makers now!

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Jennifer said...

Wow, chocolate suckers? Hmm...those wouldn't last long in my house? ;0) I am thinking I will do some baking this weekend, thumbprints, peppermint bark, fudge, etc. I don't have any molds or I might attempt chocolate suckers myself!