Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good Service Part 3.75

They've called me 3 times today.
One to tell me that they would call as soon as they had the part in their hands.
Two to call and tell me that only half of the parts came.
Three to tell me that the other half did not arrive.
I hate these people with a white hot intensity.
So no, I did not travel down to the dealership today.
Call 2 went like this:
The jerk (Jim for the record) said "Fed Ex is having some delays today and the other half hasn't arrived"
I replied "hmmm, that's funny, my husband IS the FedEx man and he said that they were running on time"
JTJ says in a SNOTTY tone (I don't blame him really, it's been an uncomfortable exchange between us you know) "It's FedEx GROUND,, that's a different company"
"I'm full aware of that, perhaps you should refrain from calling it FEDEX then" I snipe back.
"I'll call you when I get the part"
"I'm sure you will"

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Jennifer said...

For the record, we've been having issues with FedEx Ground every time a package needs to be delivered for quite some time now.

BUT that gives them no right to treat you like that!! GGRR! I'd be writing a letter to the newspaper after it's all said & done....and word of mouth can make or break one's business.