Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Snow day.

Isn't it pretty? We woke up to snow this morning. I had already promised the boys that we would venture out to the farm so they could play with M and G.

I got to use the 4 Wheel Drive. Oh yes I did! There is a tricky spot getting up their hill and I zipped right up! Thank you very much 4 on the fly!

Snow is one of the things I love about WV. I love it that we get four distinct seasons. I don't think I'd care for a place that's warm all the time or cold all the time. It's a good thing hubby was never full time in the Marines, I don't think I'd handle military relocation very well! I kinda like the idea of picking up and venturing to a new place and a new town with new people though! That's ok, I'll just live vicariously through Becca over at Forward Motion!

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Stephanie said...

I love that we get snow in WV, but that it doesn't just keep piling up all winter. (like in NE Ohio) It lasts a few days, melts away and then we get more. Perfect in my book!

It is supposed to be pushing 60 next week!