Thursday, April 3, 2008

I took a bit of a break!

I took a bit of a break. It wasn't intentional. I was just beat after my trip!
I had a blast. It's always fun and it was great to see everyone again!
(hope to see you in June!)
I came back to a very busy week.
  • Monday- unpacking, recovering the house, and band of course.
  • Tuesday- co-op, lunch and shopping with friends
  • Wednesday- WSAZ field trip, lunch and then afternoon at the park
  • Thursday- Some book work and again... recovering the house (it's always in recovery it seems!)
  • Friday and Saturday- A spinning retreat. As in... wool, wheels and staying over night. Beware dear understanding husband of mine... this could get ugly. ($$$$$)

I also came back to one of the ceiling fans making a terrible noise. Like, some otherworldly, it might burn down the house kinda noise. Poor husband. It seems he'll be working over his head again. Yuck.

So I was looking online at fans. I came across . What a cool website! You can practically build your own. They have them in just about every price range too! They even have one called a Candelier that's $4999.99! Casablanca Ceiling Fans are really neat fans.

You have to check out this cool fan from Fanimation! Wouldn't that be nice in a Florida room or on your porch? I love it!

After looking at them all, I think I like this one the best. It's by Monte Carlo. The price is reasonable and it has that Art Deco look that I like. Maybe someday, we'll build a new house and the ceiling fan won't be the prettiest thing in the room! ha ha.

Well, I'm off to pack my bags again, school the kids, and get ready for tonight!


Jennifer said...

Two overnight trips in a week? You're lucky!! Have fun!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

My Buddy has a Monte Carlo fan in his room (it's a teeny one - meant for smaller spaces). It's very art deco too. He loves it. I maintain that it doesn't put off enough light... Oh well - his room.