Sunday, April 13, 2008


Yesterday we went to the Lucasville Trade Days Flea Market. IT'S HUGE! We were there for hours despite the freezing cold winds and our overly optimistic clothing choices. (read, we didn't know it was going to be cold) There were bunnies, and goaties, and chickies (by the thousands) and calfs, and heifers, and horses, and donkeys, and burros, and peacocks/peahens, and guinee foul, and turkeys, sheep and Alpacas and Llamas! and OH MY! We had such a good time looking at the animals. As for the actual flea junk? Nothing. Total junk, nothing worth having at all. I did come home with the book "Living with Chickens" which has been on my Amazon wish list for ages. We had big fun on the way home making fun of it.





What would the chicken watch on TV? The Discovery Channel? The Farm Report?

Seriously though,, you don't know how close we came to living with a baby goat. I don't mean out in the yard, I mean, sitting on the couch with me.


I thought better of it though.

Chris is acutually out at Lowes right now getting some supplies so he can start building a chicken coop! YEA!!!

I can't hardly stand it! I'm so excited to not have to pay $3.00 a dozen anymore!

T2 wants a Silkie, T1 wants a giant Leghorn Rooster. I told them that we don't really need a rooster yet and wow.... poor Silkie! They are LITTLE birds and Leghorn can get VERY large. Some of the Leghorns we saw yesterday totally freaked me out, I don't think I've ever seen a chicken that big! I'm going to push for some Barred Rock hens. I think we can make everyone happy though and everyone can have their own bird. We won't get many,,,, yet.

After we left there, we drove over to Shawnee State Forest. Our original plan was to have a picnic but did I mention how cold it was? YIPES,, we went to Bob Evans instead.
There are many dams and spillways at this park. The funniest part is, there are no real safety precautions around them! This first spillway had a hand rail but that was just so you could have something to grab as you were trekking up the steep hill.

We're a sucker for dams. I don't know why,, we're just facinated by them. We have to pull over and look at every one we see.

At one of the larger ponds/lakes there is another spillway that empties under a land berm and into a dam structure on the other side. We called it DANGER HOLE! LOL Really, don't let loose of your children.

You can't really tell by the picture but the whole scenerio made my stomach hurt.

Why not just walk right into the lake? Sure. And then you can get swept directly into the undergroud spillway. Sounds like a plan!

This is where it came out on the other side. Again, you can't tell by the picture but it's a LONG DROP off the side of that little concrete edge there. Just beyond that is another one of those neat waterfall looking things which is also a long way down.
Safety is for SUCKERS!
The whole day was a good experience and I'm glad we went even if we didn't score anything all that great at the flea market. We may go again next time. Hopefully by then, we'll be prepared to bring home some animals.
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Sheri said...

I agree, baby goats (kids) are the cutest! (Well, maybe lambs are cuter.)

My goat Sunshine is due to kid any time now.