Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Natural Dyeing.

This past weekend I spied a cool book about Dyeing with plants. It was called Wild Color. Amazon wants like 80 large for it because it's out of print. Guess what I just found online? The book for FREE! I love Google Book Reader! Lots of the pictures are missing but that's ok, the information is there. Isn't the interwebs a wonderful thing? Before I found this interesting little tidbit though, I experimented with dying my own wool with the violets from the yard. Aren't they pretty?

It didn't come out the color I expected but I think it's nice! There is just something very elemental about taking something from nature and putting it to good use.
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nuttyirishman said...

I love it! And I love the color. It's very sublime. I think you did an excellent job! :-)

Blonde Goddess said...

That is really cool.
Mr.Man is always using natural things to dye items. Perhaps he could give you some pointers? I'm not even sure where he learned how to do it, but he does a fantastic job.