Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tired.... I has it.

Two weekends in a row of going out and doing cool stuff is enough to exhaust a person. Yesterday and today I went to a Spinning Retreat. Now mind you,, I don't spin. I want to spin with all of my heart. Apparently having heart isn't enough though because I really REALLY suck at it.
See that to the left? My first skein. My sad, pathetic skein. My sheep are embarrassed to be modeling it.

See that thick and thin look? The over spin? The parts that aren't spun at all? Totally on purpose. Yeah, I meant to do that!

What are the many fibers? Heck if I know. The kind ladies just kept handing me stuff in hopes that I'd take to something.....anything. I call this colorway... Cat-Hack.

"Here, try this, it has more tooth"
"Those fibers are too short for a beginner, try this"
"It's not bad!! at least it's consistent!"

Yeah, consistently bad!

Then I tried a drop spindle. Better than the wheel at first. Here's how that went down. A very nice lady brought her spindle collection. Trish says "go pick on of her's out and try it!" Ok, so I did. I was bugging along thinking "wow! I might be able to do this!" and then it happened. I dropped her spindle! I just about had a heart attack. It hit the floor with such a clunk. About the same time she said "here, let me get you a loaner, take it home and practice" What she was saying in her head is "oh dear God, she's such a giant oaf,, she's going to break my spindle!"
So she had me to wind what I had onto another spindle. I hate it. I'm spoiled. I can't use the generic one. So guess who's spindle shopping!
Again, the overtwist, the thick -n- thin? I was totally going for that look. Not. It's funny how the sheep on the left looks like she's looking very disapprovingly at it.

I've dishonored them!

I want to do this so bad. I'm just going to have to keep at it. It took me forever to learn to knit. I was telling my mother this evening and she said "you know, it also took you forever to learn how to pedal a trike and then when it came to a two wheeler? that also took you way longer than the other kids"

I guess I just have a hard time with the "muscle memory" thing. Or maybe,, it's like my jr. high school science teacher said "your coffee pot just drips slower than others, you'll get a full cup eventually, just keep pouring it on"

I took Flat Glenn with me. Flat Glenn (for those I haven't told yet) is our version of Flat Stanley. Flat Glenn started when a friend who is a fellow home schooler and Glenn Beck fan wanted to start a Geography project with her son. We all thought it would be a great idea and it caught on like wildfire! FG's been all over the world and it's finally our turn to host him here in West Virginia.

FG decided to try (to no avail) and help me at the wheel today.

Well, I know more now than I did. Perhaps there is still hope. Maybe I'll get better each time I try it.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be nice so we plan on taking FG out to tour the local hangouts. Stay tuned for more pictures!


wildwoodflwr said...

Hey, ya gotta start somewhere. Nobody gets it right the first time.

And besides, there are people who package up that thick/thin oddly bumpy yarn and sell it for $100 a skein. I've seen it.

Sheri said...

I like it! Just call it "funky". :)