Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Are you setting down?

Well? Are you?
We were done with all subjects today by 11:30. That's A.M. folks! Don't tell anyone tho, I'm not entirely sure it wasn't a fluke! I guess I was still in fast forward mode from yesterday. Ahhh, only 3 more band practices and we're off for Christmas break! WHOOO HOO! Not that we don't love band,, it's just getting ready to GO to band. I try to get a full day of school in on Mondays because every other Tuesday we have co-op. Before you know it, we'd only be having class 3 days a week and that's if we don't have a field trip! I can't get in that habit so we rush all morning so I can leave a few hours early and get the 19 things that I heard over the weekend that I "need to do" done.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The first chapter of Island of the Blue Dolphins seemed interesting enough. Maybe it won't be all that bad! We might even enjoy it! We're also reading A Christmas Carol at bedtime. It has become a tradition with us over the last few years. Usually we don't start until after Thanksgiving but we were just in the mood last night! It didn't have anything to do with mommy's aversion to reading a lame Scholastic chapter book from the 80s that I picked up at a yardsale for a nickle.
No. Not. At. All.
"Why don't we go ahead and start A Christmas Carol!" I said enthusiastically.
Redirect. Redirect. Redirect!
Ahhh, saved from "The Lemonade Trick" once again!

So, I think, unless I see something really compelling in the paper on Thursday, I'm NOT going shopping on Friday. I mean,, there's nothing to buy! How sad is that? The kids don't want anything that's on sale. Anything I'm buying for anyone else isn't on sale. Essentially, nothing good is on sale. Now, that being said, Best Buy has 2 nice things. They have a very nice laptop and a decent digital camera. They only have 20 per store though. If I leave right now and set up camp,, I MAY get one.
If you don't read Wantnot.com yet and you plan on doing any or all of your shopping online then you really should mosey over. She posts great deals many times a day.
I may have given you the impression that I have all my Christmas gifts figured out. Yeah... No. Far from it actually.
When I think about it I want to run away. Far, far away. If I were to do that though,, I'd need new luggage. Hey speaking of that, check out Travelpro luggage ! It's on sale and has free shipping! If you need something to put in that suitcase, check out Threadless Tshirts. They're having a $10 sale. If you use the code RUBBERDANPANTS you get an extra $3.00 off!
Now you can't beat that with a stick! Perfect for your hard to buy for teenager type!

That's all the hot deals I can think of right now. It's unseasonably warm and I've got the doors and windows open. It's so comfy in here, I may try one of those naps everyone has been raving about!
Have a great day!

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Stephanie said...

We are taking an extended Thanksgiving break. We had an orthodontist appointment on Monday and got the rest of the fixings for Thursday. I figured it was pointless to try and do anything Tuesday or Wednesday book wise, so we are have life learning. . . cooking, cleaning and outdoor play! :)

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

I haven't seen any awesome deals in the BF ads either. But I'm still going shopping! Jeff is off work so it may be my only day to shop child-free! I'm definitely not going out at 4am though! LOL