Friday, November 16, 2007

So excited!

Tomorrow is open house day! Whooo hooo!!!

For the last few years, my best friend, her sister and sometimes her mom go and hit all the open house events at the area Cutesy Country Crap stores! We hit every shop and greenhouse from Charleston, WV, to Parkersburg OH to Ashland, KY!

I'm not big on cutesy country crap "per se" but I love looking at it.

It's even better when there's an open house (can you say freebies and snacks?) and big sales!

We look for Christmas decor mostly. Garlands, trees, ornaments, boxes, ribbon, wreaths, you name it! I am NOT good at this stuff like the rest of these girls are. I go along basically to let them know what NOT to buy.

The general rule is....

"If Crystal likes it, don't get it"

They deny this, but I know it's true!

It's just like that phone commercial where the girlfriend keeps asking her boyfriend things like "pumps or espadrilles?" He says "pumps" and she says "I think espadrilles". Finally he figures it out and gives her a little reverse psychology. I may do a little of that tomorrow,, just for giggles. (TARAH, SHHHHH!)
School went pretty good today. T2 seemed to jump on 2 digit multiplication pretty quickly. T1 (I think) finally got his mind wrapped around fractional regrouping. The Hoboken Chicken Emergency continues to be funny and entertaining. It's a short read, we should be done tomorrow or the next day.
Everybody have a great weekend and wish me luck tomorrow!

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~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Have fun on your cutesy crap expedition! Better you than me! LOL Actually, a day spent amongst adults would be fun even if forced to shop for cutesy or country (can you use those two adjectives together?).