Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tired feet = good day!

Off I went at 8:30am this morning! The hunt was on. Antique stores, little shops, liquidators, you name it, we hit it.
Oh the pretty things. I wish I had a nice house to decorate. Perhaps it's a good thing tho, I could go wild. I did not tho. I showed restraint. By the looks of the crowds today, I'm sure many checking accounts were emptied!
I bought.... (sorry, no pics right now,, batteries are dead!)
A pine swag (I'm a sucker for swag, but isn't everyone?)
Some old fashioned over sized candy canes.
A fallish platter (it was 50% off and how could I resist?)
A winterish platter (also 50% off!)
A feather tree
A Thanksgiving ornament for my multi-holiday tree
A little Christmas stocking which I cannot find now (I'm sure one of the other girls will run onto it!)
A gift for my MIL which I cannot reveal!
Another gift for MIL (again,, secret!)
A nice leather Tommy Hilfiger purse for $15 (hey! I NEEDED it!)
It was a fun day indeed. Can't wait till next year!

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