Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Monday always stinks

And I don't know why!

I put a lot of pressure on myself to get stuff done on Mondays. Yesterday was no exception. NOTHING went right. It was Veteran's Day. Of course that never fully occurred to me. I think in some place in my mind I knew it but it didn't completely reveal itself to me until..... well, we'll get to that.

If you're reading for content you might wanna skip this one. If you revel in other's misery, you might enjoy this!

  • Early Monday morning- I'm still up. My shoulder is throbbing, it's like 4am

  • 8:45am- Crap, I over slept. I wonder why? ::: hard eye roll:::

  • checked the email- there was stuff I HAD to attend to there

  • 10:30 Now I realize that I still haven't gotten my majorly lazy boys out of bed. They will sleep ALL day if I let them. T1 I understand,, he's getting to "that age". I remember it well, I could sleep like that when I was a pre-teen/teen too. T2 just stays in bed to keep from having to do school.

  • Kids fight me like crazy during school work. I finally get them set up to work on math independently and figure I can clean up a little and make some important phone calls.

  • "click",,, "click click click" I have NO PHONE. Say WHAT? So I run around in a panic trying all of the outlets and then I hook the phone up in the outside box and still nothing. About now my blood begins to boil because I KNOW we've paid the bill.

  • During this frantic panic about the phone, I was trying to bathe and fix mac and cheese. I bathed but the Mac-N-Cheese was a total disaster. (I didn't say "Fail",, flip me a fish!)

  • "KIDS! , get your stuff together for band,, I have placed to go!"

  • I packed up some ebay packages and hit the door.

  • OH,, I forgot to add, my mortgage company won't take my stinking house payment, but that's a whole other story. Again,, plenty of cash,, they're just morons. I NEED TO USE THE STINKING PHONE!

  • First stop,, a pay phone. Gross. You just don't know how grossed out I am by pay phones! I call the phone company and I get "Please call back during normal business hours. We are closed for the holiday"

  • Holiday?? WHA??? Oh,,, it's Veteran's day.

  • I call my Friend Whose Husband Works for Verizon and say "IS ** Home?" She says (nervously) "uh,, yeah?" that's about when I scream.

  • Fine. Phone isn't getting fixed any time soon. Off to the post office and the bank. You see it coming don't you? Well,, for some reason, I did not.

  • Post office is closed, bank is closed. Funny, the only Vet I know (Big Daddy) is AT WORK!

  • About now, I'm sitting in the parking lot with my forehead on the steering wheel weeping again. The kids are scared,, Mom's obviously not in her right mind this week. I haven't been all week and probably won't be for a long long time.

So, yeah, Monday sucked but in retrospect I can see now that none of the stuff that I was trying to get done really mattered. We did get to band on time and had Wendy's for lunch. So it wasn't all bad. I think I need my phone rewired. It was working fine when I got home. It's gonna require some new Cat5E cables since we use our phone through the computer. Fun, fun, fun. I so hate rewiring!

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The Redding Mountain Family said...

Sorry Crystal! Some days are like that aren't they?
Hugs to you!