Thursday, November 1, 2007

Update one "THAT" post

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If any of you have been reading for a while you might remember "THAT" post. You know,, the one with the cloth menstrual pads? The one that got me flagged for inappropriate content? Please do not flag me again!! I'm beggin' ya! A few of you asked me to update you on how they work.
I get few opportunities to use them (yeah me! BOOOO PCOS!) but this week I've got the "lady issues".
Let me just say this. I'll never, ever use a commercial menstrual product again. Why in the world did women buy into this notion that they need to buy this chemical laden, expensive, ineffective stuff anyway?
I'm feeling so cheated all these years! I want my money back! They work great! The only issue I've had has been the snap. I remedied it with a safety pin for now but I'm sure I'll come up with a better option soon.


Jenny said...

Ohhh, I may have to make me one of those. My sewing skills are limited to cloth napkins... I guess this fits into that category, rofl!!

I use a sea sponge but I do generally like to use a pantyliner with it. I use the natural, biodegradable ones but I've always thought that real cloth would be better. Although I don't know how I'd wash them once we're done with cloth diapers... but that will probably be years from now.

Crystal said...

What the what? Someone had a problem with that!? Quite honestly I'm thinking of doing the same. I have lots of skin issues and it just seems like a better thing. Plus better for the environment.

BTW, I deal with PCOS too, I guess we have more then our name in common. I hate PCOS, but my doctors have been helpful. I still can't have kids though. ;-(

Thank you so much for the link on how to make them. I can't wait to try it once I have a functioning sewing machine again.

Cory said...

I hadn't read "that" post originally so, of course, I had to ;)

First off...the first comment left you there was mean :( I wasn't even thinking of money savings...more like ENVIRONMENT savings! Anyhow, that's none of my business :-p

The only thing that stops me is that I found the tut you linked confusing. I am soooo not naturally crafty and have to have things laid out in dummy language. But I am going to do a web search for other "recipes" (lol) to get a better idea on how to make them.

I really appreciate reading that you actually liked them. And cheap, wow! One question...I don't have a sewing machine...think they'd be easy to do by hand?

crystal said...

The same woman did a tutorial on Maybe this will help?
The handsewing? I wouldn't recommend it. Not because I think it would be hard (I think it would be mega boring! LOL) but because I think it wouldn't hold up to the wear and tear that it needed to. I've already started to make modifications in the contruction and pattern for myself. One of those mods is that I "finish" all the inner raw seams with an over the edge zigzag stitch. I had one fall apart on me. (BOOOO!) If you need any help at all, just email me! You know where to find me!

Cory said...

Yeah, I realized the raw edges would be a washing problem once I started looking at more pictures (the more I looked at all the pieces parts, the more it made sense to me lol). I decided I will take a pattern and the material to my handy "friend with a sewing machine" who also is a whiz at she'll make sure I do it right ;-p I really do appreciate the real-life review of actually using them!!