Sunday, November 18, 2007

We're done!

Well, we had to finish the Hoboken Chicken Emergency tonight. We couldn't draw it out any longer.
Such. A. Cute. Book.
T2 loved loved loved it. He's reading it again on his own.
Apparently it was a movie back in 1984. Wouldn't it be fun to find a copy of that!

I think our next book will be Island of the Blue Dolphins. The boys have been asking a lot of questions about dolphins lately and it might be a good companion book to our research. It's also one of those "check it off the list of classics" kind of books. I've never read it so it'll be new for all of us.


Mrs. Henrich said...

"The Hoboken Chicken Emergency" sounded like such a fun book I ordered it from interlibrary loan and picked it up yesterday. Our family read the first chapter last night.

Thank you for sharing about it. We're all enjoying it, especially our 9yo dd.

crystal said...

Oh! I'm so glad! It's one of the few books that we've read that the kids begged for the next chapter!
Have fun!

Crystal said...

Oh but you could do more!... ;-)
My in-laws gave my hubby and I that movie last year for Christmas. You can find it on Amazon pretty cheap. Now I'm curious to read the book, especially since we haven't wanted the video yet (we don't have kids.)