Sunday, August 10, 2008

Baby Sweater

Anyone who knits has heard of the 5 Hours Baby Sweater. It does go together quickly. I don't know about 5 hours (who has time to sit and knit for 5 hours strait?) but it was quick. I've since knit the hat and booties to match but I'm not real happy with them so I'll probably knit something else. I used Moda Dea Vision and can I just say? I love that yarn. It's like the 4th time I've used it and it feels good, it looks good, it knits well and washes well. The best part? It's reasonably priced. I think it's $4.99 a skien at ACMoore. This sweater used almost exactly one skien. I like to use non-pastel colors for baby clothes. I think it's a nice change.

I used needles that are significantly smaller than the suggested size. I tend to knit loosely. I used a size 7 circular. Even with the smaller needle it still came out to be about a size 3-6 months.

It's a cute little sweater but every time I've knit it I have the same problem. About 10 rows in the button band sucks in and it looks like my gauge changes or something. I know that's not it,, my gauge is just fine. It doesn't block out either. Ugh,, oh well.


Yesterday it was the colon cleanse,, today it's diet pills. I'll spend my money on yarn thank you very much!


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