Saturday, August 2, 2008

Yard Sales

I hit a few yard sales with Mom this morning. It was pouring the rain. I kept saying "It'll let up in about an hour, it'll let up" but it just kept coming down. Finally I said "let's just go to Gabriel Brothers, that's like a yard sale except inside".

The boys groaned. Loudly.

They HATE Gabes. There's nothing there that interests them. I can look for literally hours. The boys also know that if mommy goes into Gabes there will be at least a few uncomfortable minutes spent in the bra department.

Lucky for them tho, there was a huge yardsale on the way there that was held in a car wash so it was completely under cover. We stopped and it turned out that a guy was trying to unload a bunch of storage building stuff he'd repossessed. There was a TON of school books there. I came home with an entire trunkload for $4. I probably won't use a fraction of these but I'll find good homes for them! I only took a fraction of what he had, I left the copies and the wet stuff there. There was also a giant roll of paper that I bought for a cool one dollar bill.

T2 bought a pogo stick. T1 bought a CD player. Yeah, that pretty much describes them, erratic and techy, in that order.

That was the end of the rain and the end of yard sale prices! The next sale we went to, I picked up a styrofoam head. I asked the lady "How much for the head?"

She shrugged and replied "eh? how 'bout $10.00?"

My jaw dropped.

"Are you serious?"

"I can get one of these at Sally Beauty Supply right now for $2.oo!"

She seemed very offended. I don't care, I was offended at the $10.00 price tag. She ended up selling it to me for a quarter by the way! ha ha.

That's about all we could handle this morning. We were tired, and sticky and wet

That's pretty much all I did I day!


Do you know what you probably WON'T find at a WV yard sale? Quinceanera invitations.



~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Are you going to decorate your new head like Paul Stanley or Gene Simmons? ;)

crystal said...

Funny you should say that but there was much debate amongst the boys on what makeup this one should get. I think this one will probably get Gene makeup. Eventually I'll have the whole band! LOL

BarbaraJean said...

My teen sons also hate Gabes! : )