Sunday, August 24, 2008

tired.... so tired....

It's almost 2am.

They're still at it.

I had to put my foot down.

2 o'clock comes and they are out the door and into their tents.

I know they'll be up at the crack of dawn. What was I thinking?

The younger ones are staying inside. This'll give them a go at the Wii without the big boys bothering them.

Oh,, and another thing. Our friends Steve and Christina stopped by (thus the wii, Thanks Ya'll!) and of course their daughter Madison and her friend Whitney came too. You never saw so many sweaty awkward boys posturing and fluffing their hackles. It was frankly a little disturbing but they're pretty girls, so you can't blame them really.

B: (playing guitar hero)

G: wooooww, you're REALLY good at that! (dreamy voice)

B: "yeah,, I know,, probably the best I know" (dorky Napoleon voice)

G: "That's really coooool" (dreamy voice)




I'd rather just have my head up my rear thank you very much.

How funny is it that I've been assigned to talk about acne treatment cream? 'Nouf said really.

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