Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pinhole Photography

On Tuesday we are going to go to the Huntington Museum of Art and see an exhibit on Civil War Photography and Political paraphanalia. Now, *I* think this is really cool stuff. It's sciency, it's history related AND it's political. It's the Crystal Tri-Fecta.

The kids on the other hand? This has the potential to be really boring for them so I looked for a way to make it more interesting and make them feel like they really knew why what we were looking at was cool. I decided that we would build our own pinhole camera. So many of the tutorials that I looked at showed children doing it so I thought, "awwh yea,, I can do this"

How many times will I do this before I learn?

We DID do it and we got a few "picturelike" images so I'm saying that the experiment was a success.
Here's one shot that I have handy (the other I haven't loaded onto the computer yet).

It looks kinda "otherworldly" does it not? It was taken out our back door. No, not a masterpiece but really cool considering it was taken with a mentos tin and some electrical tape! (btw,, our camera looks really cruddy like a sardine tin out of which an alley cat would eat. The above picture is one I scarfed from

If you'd like to learn more about the history of photography and how the pinhole camera came to be you can go HERE.

If you'd like to make your own pinhole camera there are many tutorials on the net but a really good one is the Mintycam found HERE (this is the one we made) and you can make your own pinhole "Brownie" HERE.

The best part about the one we made was that you take the film to Walmart to get it developed. You don't have to mess with Fixer and Stop and Developer and darkrooms. Our first roll was free because they thought it was a blank roll!!! Well,, it was mostly except for the shot above. If you like a challenge, I highly recommend this project! It's great for History and Science!


Ok, is there any delicate way to talk about this? I mean,, ewww. If you need a colon cleanse I guess this link is just between you and the internet! LOL


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