Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm Disenchanted

Yeah, I said it. I'm bored with blogging. It seems that there is nothing new under the sun lately.

We're doing stuff I guess, but it's that same ol' same ol', ya know? We're back to school in full swing. That's something I suppose. Big things are happening with our local HS group. That is very exciting but the ball isn't rolling at full speed yet.

We did go to a friend's yesterday and had a great time. She has a lovely home and an awesome pool. My boys are sufficiently jealous and dreaded coming back to the Land of Cramped and Boring.

One of the girls found this great caterpillar yesterday. I have honestly never seen one before.

Someone looked it up and apparently it is the largest caterpillar in North America. I say GOOD. Because if they made 'em bigger than that, I might have a little trouble sleeping. Have you ever seen such a thing?!?! he reminds me of Heimlich from Bugs Life!

It's a Cecropia (soft c). It's adult state is just as impressive and it's called a Robin Moth. If you want to check out the entire life cycle there is a great kid friendly site called Thanks for finding that Jenny!

The same little girl later showed me her pet turtle.

She said she's had it since Christmas. I'm going to have to investigate that! HA! I'm not doubting her but isn't it a bit teensy to be 9 months old? I may be wrong. The funniest part is that she has that poor turtle's shell decked out with glitter! I'm obviously no turtle expert but something tells me that's not healthy!

I also managed to come home with a few less books. That's always good. The boxes are getting lighter but they still weigh a ton! I only came home with ONE book, no,, ok,, 3 books, but one I'm really excited about. It's The Trail Guide to World Geography. Thanks Kathy!

I stayed up way too late last night reading it over. I'm gonna need a nap today!


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Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

We have caterpillars that eat my garden, but the wasps com and lay their eggs in them and the the larvae eat the worms when they hatch, how cool is that?

crystal said...

That's gross Tim. You're like 12 years old in your head aren't you? LOL