Sunday, September 30, 2007

Alpaca Shopping

I love Alpacas.

I mean, I REALLY love them! Someday soon I hope to get a herd. A smallish herd will be fine. (I don't ask for much! LOL)

They require little shelter- just a three sided building.

You can easily keep up to 6 animals on one acre of land

The don't eat much.

They are cute, CUTE, CUTE!

Their fleece and offspring yield high returns.

They are gentle.

They are "clean" and hypo allergenic

I knit. Come on,, do you need more reason than that?

The boys got to make a felted bar of soap while we visited Harmony Ridge Farms today. The owners were so knowledgeable and kind. We had them to ourselves for our whole visit! When it comes time to buy, I'll be visiting them again. I'll probably make an appointment to go up and learn more about them and take some training before that.
The whole family is completely enamoured with these gentle beasts of burden. We've justified the cost as being less than a registered dog and what great pets these are!
I mentioned to Jeff half joking (see the picture above) that I had free labor for quite a few more years because we homeschool and he told us that his grand kids homeschool too! Beware.... we home schoolers are everywhere!
On our way out the door we picked up a packet of information, some business cards and one of the personalized pens they offered.
What a cool way to spend a Sunday! We learned a lot, but don't tell the kids!

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