Thursday, September 6, 2007

I haven't posted in a while

Last weekend we went for a hike and identified some plants. This flower is in phyla Dicotyledon (dicot).
Here's a flower in Phyla Monocotyledon (monocot).

There were quite a few things we could not identify. Does anyone know what these pretty berries are?

A sunflower is actually a dicot. You can't really tell by the petals but the leaves.

The sweet pea has us stumped but I'm thinking dicot.

We scrounged along the river. It's really low right now. We found all kinds of interesting things on the shore!

I see evidence of a large heron!

There he is!

There were butterflies EVERYWHERE! I was able to catch a few of them sitting still.


Anonymous said...

the berries you asked about if they are on a vine with leaves that kinda look like a maple leaf -is called a porcelian vine.

crystal said...

Thanks!!! I've never heard of that before!