Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Homeschool Bulletin Board

In our home school area, we have our "bulletin board". See it? It's nice, no? What? You don't see it? Silk trees make great bulletin boards! We hang all matter of stuff on it. Of course Mitt (our HS mascot) in always on the tree when he's not on the road with us. Which has not been often lately! Poor Mitt,, remind me to take him on our next outing!
I stripped the tree last night to dust it off (man, stuff in my house gets dusty, I mean D-U-S-T-Y) and change it's decor so there isn't any class projects tucked in the branches at present. I hit the dollar store for the decor. Spent a whopping $3. I'll probably find more junk in the attic if I can motivate to climb up there!
It will be our Christmas tree too. We don't have a lot of room for a big tree. I do bring out a few smaller trees at Christmas time and kind of make a "grove" by grouping them all together. Each tree has a theme. Not because I think it looks good ('cuz there is no hope for us there!) but because we have so many stinkin' Christmas ornaments! We have all the Hallmark Car ornaments and too many penguin (a past obsession) ornaments to count and a few years ago I got all obsessed with Scandinavian stuff. I will have to pull the lights off of it and string some new ones. I'm the laziest person alive it seems because all the strands of lights finally burnt out sometime in the spring and I just never took them off! But a Christmas tree must have lights, so I suppose sometime soon I'll make myself buy some new lights (all of ours are like,,,, first Christmas together old) and restring it soon.
I love doing weird and stupid stuff (like the tree). I think that's why we're so well suited to home school! I wonder if my kids will embrace this or just long to be normal!

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andie said...

Every year, when our five birthdays in July roll around I insist I'm going to put up a Birthday Tree and just stick the gifts under it & decorate *it* rather than the dining room for each birthday. I never do, though. This year, for sure. I've been wanting a ficus for that corner...maybe we'll start small.

My alarm is set and my shoes are BOTH ready, which is no small feat (ha!) with Ella the Shoe Snatcher around.