Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Sept. 17 2007

I finished my first purple hat and I'm 3/4 of the way through my second one. The body of the hat is done in Red Heart Soft (not that scratchy stuff!). Colorway Lavender. The trim is done in Bernat Disco. Colorway Motown Mauve. Neither of those colorway names do any justice to the real color of the hat. It's a very vibrant purple.
I think out of those 2 balls of yarn I'm going to get 3 hats? Pretty good for clearance yarn! (as if I would ever pay full price! LOL)

We have been busy as beavers building our beaver dam diorama! Today I gave them some brown and black Sculpey Clay to work with. They fashioned some reasonable facsimiles of water rodents and of course, they had to make top hats for them!

After taking our sculptures out of the oven, we gathered up our things and headed outside to read our book. We kind of lost track of time. T1 came out of the house and said "hey Mom, you know it's 2:40 right?"


Band is at 3. So I ran myself under the shower quickly and we headed out the door. No sooner did I start the car than T2 said "you never bought me a book!"

Oh yes,, oh course it's my fault. He's only had one lesson and failed to mention it for a solid week but yeah, whatever. So I shoved them out the door at practice and ran to the music store (well, actually I drove but you get the idea). Peeled out, drove back and by now, I'm frazzled.
Time to pull out the knitting, it calms me down.
T2 had a good lesson, he's really excited about playing with the band.

After T2's lesson it was me and T1's turn. T1 went ahead and played with the high schoolers after that but I was beat so I hung out with the moms. I forgot how aerobic playing an instrument was! How sad is it that an hour of playing flute winded me?
Tomorrow is Co-op and Home school skating. My dearest husband is coming to help us tomorrow. The kids are going to love it because he's bringing WEAPONS! whoo hoo! Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow!


Stephanie said...

Kellen was very impressed with the weapons. I think he could have stayed in there all day!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for dropping by my place earlier!
I'm impressed with the co-op option. We just have ourselves here, and this is my first year of homeschooling & you can glance back at my blog and see how I fealt (and still feel sometimes) about it.
We're in Charleston ;)