Friday, January 18, 2008

Highlands Museum

Today was a busy day! We went with our co-op to the Highlands Museum in Ashland KY to attend a workshop on the Flag.After our mini-lesson on the parts of the flag and a brief history, the teacher had an instruction following exercise. They were to design their own flag. She only had a few rules to follow:
1. Cut your paper in a square or a banner shape
2. Only use up to 5 stars.
3. Wait and don't jump ahead.
Technically it would have been a lot more fun to just "do our own thing" but it's important to learn to listen and follow instructions.

The kids did a lovely job of course. Can I just tell you that since I've started homeschooling, I've really let go of a lot (not all) of my control issues? I'm not saying it's not still hard but I'm getting better. I know that homeschoolers get stereotyped as "control freaks" and yes,, that's true a lot of the time. I mean, heck, someone had to take control of their education didn't they? Even a very unconventional unschooler has exerted his or her control by choosing that lifestyle. There was a time when I would not have been happy to let T1 put that many stripes on his flag but I stood back, gave him a few gluing pointers and let it go. This sounds incredibly lame to some of you, I know, but this is a huge hurdle for me! I think his weaving turned out kinda cool!

Pops was able to go with us. His vacation is almost over. He and the boys were really taken with the aviation exhibit. It was really cool. They had flight simulators, a hands on wind tunnel, this cool thing that showed airflow by supporting a ball in the air, and some other things that I can't recall right now.

After we left we decided to walk over to the Jesse Stuart Foundation Museum. They were so excited to get visitors! So excited in fact that they gave us a very detailed tour and lecture on Jesse Stuart. Very cool and totally worth the price of admission- FREE.

The museum is located in the old post office, so one of the curators showed us the old safes. Notice in the picture below that there is a safe above the one the boys are standing in.

Do you know why they did that?

Here's a clue.

Ashland is a river town.

Yup, I bet you got it! Flooding.

When a flood threatened, all the money and stamps went in the upper level safe.

There is also a used book store in the back. I scored some great books!

Incident At Hawk's Hill by Allan W. Eckert- This was not used, it was in the local author's section of the main store. Allan Eckert (I don't have to tell this to history buffs) writes amazing accounts of North American History. Especially local history. You might have heard of That Dark and Bloody River. Well, we had no idea he'd written children's books too! It's a Newberry Honor book to boot.

Custer's Last Stand (a OLD edition, Pops assured me it's inaccurate)

Men Who Have Risen - a collection of short biographies from the turn of LAST century. It's over 100 years old and the binding is as tight as day one. It's a very cool book and quite a deal for a dollar!

Usborne Puzzle Adventures Time Train to Ancient Rome- 50 whole cents!

And the best of all? Everything You Need To Know About Math Homework.- I've checked this book out of the library SO MANY TIMES! Now it's MINE! WHOO HOO! all for the value price of $1.00.

I thought I might try and get a little bit of school work in before we left the house today but I decided that for my own sanity we would just call it a field trip day. Turned out to be a good decision. We learned quite today!

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