Monday, January 7, 2008

I got nothin'

I haven't blogged and I guess you haven't missed anything. I did take some pretty pictures a few days ago!

"The girls" showed up in the back yard looking for something green to eat. Poor deer. Not a green leaf in the whole yard. I don't have any qualms about making a deer dinner but I don't wanna see them hungry. (makes the meat stringy, HA!) The baby is cute as (she? he?) can be. None of them are the slightest bit afraid of us, which would be a shame should we have to take one of 'em out! When the bucks come through though,, that's another story. They are quite hateful. Snorting and stamping their hooves at us and the cats. Our furry friends here are the whole reason we fence our garden in the warm months!

This next week is going to be horribly busy. I want to crawl in a hole.


Get up, brown a roast, put 'er in the crock pot.

Fix the boys and I some lunch to throw in the car.

Get myself cleaned up and then make sure the guys are presentable.

Make sure the instruments are in the car

Go to Office Depot

Go to Chuck's on 20th st and drop off my "once awesome" lamp

Go to the library

Go to not one but THREE eye appointments.

Take the kids to band

Go to the bank.

Go home and hopefully find a tasty pot roast.

Collapse into a heap.

I hate Mondays.


7:00am I have to be at NISSAN. Yes, you heard me right NISSAN. My door is broke again.

10:00am I have to be at co-op

Now,, co-op is over at 12:30 but I'm thinking after yesterday and my morning at the dealership my day is going to be shot and I'm going to be an evil evil wench so I'm not planning anything for that evening.


I've got nothing but the boys are going to have to put together some kind of something for Friday so we'll have a busy school day. I'd kinda like to keep this day errand free. I do have to make a trip to the Goodwill sometime this week. Maybe Wednesday would be the best day to do it since I don't have any clue how ugly the whole car issue is going to be.


The last possible day to get my driver's license renewed. Yes, it's my birthday. BOO HISS! I'll be trying my hardest to do something decent with my hair this day and spending the biggest portion of my day at the DMV. Yeah me.


Project Day for the kids. Not till afternoon but Friday is my "run around and pay all the bills" day. We usually do an abbreviated school day on Fridays but with the way this week is going? Geeze, I dunno,, we'll play it by ear.

The week after this one coming up,, Big Daddy has a vacation week in which we'll be doing house repairs. The boys and I will have to make sure to double up on all the school work we're missing this week too. Sounds like double duty for mama. Isn't that the way it always is?

After that we'll be in the home stretch out of January. HECK YEAH! I do hate January so so so badly! I spend the entire winter saying "COME ONNNNNNN SPRING!!!" January and February could both drop off the calendar all together and I wouldn't care one bit.

Well, for someone who has nothin', I sure typed alot!

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Jennifer said...

I sure hope your visit to Nissan works out better this time!! And that they fix it to where you don't have to go back down there anytime soon!!
I need to drop a bag of stuff at Goodwill too, and we're back to ballet this week.
Have a good, if tiring week Crystal!