Thursday, January 10, 2008


I posted last time about how busy this week would be. It hasn't disappointed! The scurrying around hasn't been too bad though. I had purposely planned to not have anything to do yesterday and it was a good thing. We had one of those school days yesterday that nothing went right. We persevered and fought our way through it. I generally think that it won't do any good to try and learn anything on days when it's just not happening but we were only getting 2 full school days in this week so I felt the need to press on.
It was UGLY.
I don't see today being much better. Not because of the kids but I have a sinus headache from hell. I felt it coming on last night and took some Nyquil and went to bed. This morning? Apparently the Nyquil wore off. Time for Dayquil! It's not nearly as good now that there's no Sudafed in it.
Methheads SUCK! I have to sign over my first born to the pharmacy now to get a flippin' Sudafed. Forget trying to get any after 9pm.
Anyway.... time to call in the substitute teacher! oh wait.... I don't have one. Darn-it.
Tomorrow is Project Day. Since we didn't have many school days in December we don't really have a good project. I think the kids are just going to show and tell their ballista that they built with dad over the summer.

Speakin' of Dad. He's reading Treasure Island with them currently. It's nice to not be the one to do the reading right now! He has vacation next week so they plan to finish it up then. They seem to be enjoying it.

We recently watched "Night at the Museum" and enjoyed it immensely. I know we're kinda late to the table on this one but I highly recommend this movie. No foul language, no sexual innuendo, a little bit of a history lesson and we laughed and laughed. Very funny movie. Ben Stiller, Dick Van Dyke, Mickey Rooney, Robin Williams, Owen Wilson, and Bill Cobb are just a few faces you'll recognize. By far Mickey Rooney's character, Gus, was our favorite. Our family friendly rating is five stars!

Our next book is "From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler". It looks like it'll be cute. This book is about 2 kids who run away and decide to live in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's also a Newberry award winner so it's go that going for it too. It seems like a good follow up to "Night at the Museum"

Nissan update? They rigged up my door so it would work until they get a new part. I'll spare you the details of how condesending and jerk like "Jim" was. I will tell you that he told me that I "needed to not be so rough on my door handle"
If I want to haul 1/2 ton loads of bricks from my door handles then I'll do it! I'm not being abnormally rough on my door handles! The kids literally use their entire body weight to open and close the door and their doors aren't broken! I just think it's a giant peice of plastic crap and they want to make it look like it's my fault.
I still LOATH them.

Well, the kids are finally stirring. Time to suffer through.. I mean start school.


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

I love "Mixed-Up Files..." It was one of my favorites from elementary. I made Adam read it and he liked it, too. Good choice!

Anonymous said...

For your Sinus try these:

Ginger Root (found cheap at WalMart in the Produce Isle) can be crushed and applied as a poulice to the forehead and nose (external!) to stimulate circulation and drainage.

Olive Leaf extract, found at GNC, etc., has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Hope this helps,