Sunday, January 13, 2008

Time Uncovered

I mentioned a few days ago (maybe a week, who's counting?) that the boys were studying "time". I also said that I would post some learning links. In this past week I've discovered something really cool. It may be old news to some but I had never run across it before. It's called Squidoo. It's a super easy platform that allows you to put all of your knowledge in one place. I'm going to use it to organize my home school unit studies. Here is the unit we put together on the History of Time.

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Blonde Goddess said...

Very cool stuff!

By the way, I'm making your crock pot chicken and cornmeal dumplings today. I can't wait to taste it!
I adjusted the recipe a little for Veggie Stick and used water instead of broth and will cook the chicken separately.I added spinach too.
Should still be good, even if it's a vegetarian version, right?