Thursday, January 31, 2008


Last night was the season premier of Lost. Oh, how I love this show!
We spent the evening at a friends house. It was a wonderful time! We ate brie and pesto whilst trying not to drink an entire bottle of lovely white wine. Ok,, there WAS brie and pesto, which was wonderful but the white wine was cheap and frankly one step above Boone's. No matter. It made for a great evening.

We cooked and ate and cooked and ate. I made Ree's recipe for Pasta Primavera. OH MY GOODNESS. It cannot be summed up in one word. It was out of this world, divine, HEAVENLY. Pretty easy to make too!

She made a very sinful hashbrown cassarole that I enjoyed again this morning for breakfast! She also made a wonderful fruity cake with lemon fluff topping. I could have eaten the entire thing myself.
I'm chomping antacids as we speak.
Back to Lost. Did anyone watch? Could you be more blissfully confused? I'm going to have to go hunting for "easter eggs" on the net. It makes the show like a game ya know? It wasn't the greatest episode ever but it was good. Does anyone remember the last episode where the helicopters were flying in to pick them up at the radio tower? Did I dream that? What the heck is up with the boat coming now? I'm confused as ususal.
Well, the spellchecker is fouled up so excuse the typos.
I'll make another post tonight for Thing-a-day.

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