Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cheater Picture

So I didn't take any pictures today but I did take one last week I like. It was really really warm out and it caused the weirdest fog in the middle of the day. I stopped on the bridge and took this picture.

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On the school front, I got a great Email today outlining a really cool program coming up. I'll post it here for all to read!

Subject: Solar Week Event Coming!

Hello Tri-State Homeschoolers, & West Virginia Home Ed

I'm Jim Stryder in Grand Junction, Co. I am sending you
information on an upcoming "run" of the 2007 Solar Week
event! Solar Week, is an "Online" event for students on the
study of the SUN! I am strongly encouraging more
"cyber-school" , and "homeschooling" involvement in this
program! See the site at;

www.solarweek. org

Solar Week has been conducted, now twice-a-year, once in the
"Spring" and "Fall", since 1999. It is a series of week-long
learning activities on the study of the SUN, and also
features the "Ask A Scientist A Question" forum, all week
long! If you go into the site, look at the "Meet The
Scientists" section, I believe you'll be surprised to see
just who they are! One of them in fact, is with the High
Altitude Observatory (Univ of Col), at Boulder!

Students can submit questions to Scientists all week long,
and they get personalzied responses from these highly
talented people who donate their time and wonderful "energy"
to help students! SOLAR WEEK's next run, is planned for
(Mon, Feb 26, through, Fri, Mar 2nd), and will be announced
or updated on the official SOLAR WEEK website above shortly!

If you have a teacher, or know of an Astronomical Society
near you, check out their availability to assist with actual
(SOLAR) observing, using solar-equipped telescopes and other
learning instruments to supplement!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me,
otherwise, please distribute or forward to your teaching
staffs for their information and review. Kindly acknowledge
receipt - thank you.

Jim Stryder
UC-Berkeley/ Solar Week Volunteer
Grand Junction, Co.
Tel. (970) 434-1873
E-Mail: rjusa@acsol. net

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