Thursday, January 25, 2007

My project 365 for the day. I'll post more later.
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It's been a sleepy, sleepy day here.

Ok, it's later now. Today only went slightly better. I did get a wonderful thing today though! The very best bloggy friend ever sent me a science book! It's perfect and I am forever indebted to her! I plan to write it into the lesson plan next week.
I had to break out the old math manipulatives today. For some reason T1 had a total mental block on the values of decimals.
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He finally got it and won the bath bee tonight.
What is "Bath Bee"? You might ask? (or maybe not, but I'm gonna tell ya! )
Each night it's an arguement about who has to get in the shower first. So,, I've started asking them questions about their lesson for the day. If one gets their answer wrong and the other gets HIS question right then the looser has to bathe first. It's fun for all and Daddy gets to get an idea of what we're working on.
They made it tough for me tonight.
T1's questions
What civilization minted the first coin?
Name 3 Proper adjectives
Where is the quotient located? The denominator? The divisor?
Which decimal is least? 1.4, 1.04, or 1.14?

T2's questions

Capitol of Pennsylvania
Spell WHEN
Of these 3 words, which one needs a capitol letter? apple, Arizona or ant?
He missed that one, T1 won!

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