Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It used to snow

It used to snow when I was a kid.
Neither of my kids, 10 and 7 have seen a good snow in their "snow playing years". I seem to recall a good one when my oldest was a baby but that doesn't count because he doesn't remember it. The other morning, we woke to "It SNOWED! IT SNOWED!" as my youngest ran through the house so I immidiately jumped out of bed (well,, lumbered out of bed is more like it) to see that it in fact had NOT snowed, we just had a heavy frost. Now for a long moment I was thinking "that kid ain't right". Then I thought, you know, at first glance I bet that did seem like snow to him, he hasn't seen a good snow in a long time. We've had snow, don't get me wrong, an inch or two here and there. It's been enough to sled on and get the yard nice and muddy. I even have pictures in the scrapbook of a snowman with both my children doing their best immitations of Randy and Ralphie.
It's January. Come ON! my kids haven't cracked the sleds out one time this year. Not that it matters right now as they are vomitously ill for the 3rd week in a row. (That's a post for another day) The forcast has been threatening for some accumulation for the past week and NADA,,, nothin',, zippo. This morning it started to "ice ball" but I haven't got high hopes for anything of any substance.
It used to snow in WV when I was a kid. I'm just sayin'........
Here's 2 photos for the Project 365 since I was keeping a barfer company yesterdy and didn't get to blog.
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