Wednesday, January 17, 2007

January 16 2007

Today's school went pretty good. Better than yesterday because YESTERDAY,, T1 had a virus. Yuck. T2 had it last week. Who waits a whole week to catch their brother's bug? We zipped through pretty quickly. We even did a few make up lessons. T1 is still having a bit of trouble dividing. He's letting 3 digit divisor's throw him off. He's got it in his head that it's harder than say.... 2 digit divisors or 1 digit divisors. He's getting simple algebra like it's second nature though so I'm not very concerned. T2 did well with math today but was thrown off by his problem set sheet. It normally wants you to "draw out" the word problem but today's PS eliminated that drawing box. Change is bad with T2,, very bad.

Language went well. Uneventful, but well.

T2 almost has the 13 colonies capitols and states memorized and we broke down the Pledge of Allegiance and went over what it means. I know he's done that a million times but even we big people need to be reminded every once in a while. We also discussed being responsible with the freedoms we enjoy in this country. Perhaps everyone should be required to review this material once or twice a year?!

T1 is still studying Phoenicians. We're going to start a lap book on this. We haven't done that in a while.

The guys are LOVING the Swiss Family Robinson. They are arguing over who gets to read next! I've got to say that I am too. I forgot what a cool book this is. Everyone has imagined what they would do if they were stranded on a island with only their ingenuity to keep them alive. If not,, LOST wouldn't be so popular eh? I love LOST btw! ha ha ha.

Tomorrow we plan to go to the Kroger and guesstimate weights using the scale in the produce section. I bet the Kroger people will love the way we fondle all the produce and food! LOL Maybe I'll take pictures and post. I haven't been doing a lot of that since Homeschoolblogger started stinking.

So that's all that's fit to print. More tomorrow!

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