Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kickin' it old school with the Ts

I was looking around at my options for spelling, reading and grammar the other night when I ran onto THIS site. They've reprinted the old McGuffey's Primers. I thought to myself "why mess with something that isn't broke, that's great stuff!" then my next thought was "Hold on a second, I HAVE those!" and I went scurrying out into the garage and dug out these,
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I've got the ORIGINALS! 1878 versions. Now naturally I'm not going to actually let the boys USE these. I'm going to copy them. They list "W" as a vowel in these. Funny huh? And one of the first spelling words was FAG which is fine because I know it's a bundle of sticks but there would be uproarious laughter for an hour if I included that word for the boys. They are savvy beyond their years.
So we are giving it a try. I started T2 at the very beginning because I know I've mentioned that this kid can't even spell his own name.

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