Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Norah Jones

Finding a Conservative artist is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. I knew on some level that my all time favorite, Norah Jones was probably a far left liberal just like the rest of them but I lived in blissful ignorance. I resided there because listening to NJ makes the stress melt away, because I love the poetry of the lyrics, and, well,, it just makes me happy. Her latest album came out on Saturday and I couldn't be more stressed. There is a song on it entitled "My Dear Country". In this song she calls the president of OUR UNITED STATES, deranged. If Hillary Clinton (shudder) became president I would give her my complete respect because she would be THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Regardless of how I felt about her. People should have pride and decorum, don't you think? Now having said all of that. She does speak of her love of country and her gratitude for her freedom. I too am greatful for her freedom to say what she pleases. I respect people with liberal views so long as they didn't get all of their information from "soundbytes" and they are not being lead around by drama and ignorance of the facts. Scarier yet,, I still like the song. I have a feeling I'm going to be humming it A LOT in 2008.

Here's the lyrics

'twas halloween and the ghosts were out,
and everywhere they'd go, they shout,
and though i covered my eyes i knew,
they'd go away.

but fear's the only thing i saw,
and three days later 'twas clear to all,
that nothing is as scary as election day.

but the day after is darker,
and darker and darker it goes,
who knows, maybe the plans will change,
who knows, maybe he's not deranged.

the news men know what they know, but they,
know even less than what they say,
and i don't know who i can trust,
for they come what may.

'cause we believed in our candidate,
but even more it's the one we hate,
i needed someone i could shake,
on election day.

but the day after is darker,
and deeper and deeper we go,
who knows, maybe it's all a dream,
who knows if i'll wake up and scream.

i love the things that you've given me,
i cherish you my dear country,
but sometimes i don't understand,
the way we play.

i love the things that you've given me,
and most of all that i am free,
to have a song that i can sing,
on election day.

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