Monday, January 29, 2007

January 29 2007

Today was lesson day. I went to work for my second to last time this morning. I got 15lbs of liquid parafin wax spilled on me (were they trying some sick attempt to christen me? LOL) and then I went to lunch with my best friend and replacement! She went back to work and I went home to get the kids ready for music lessons. Tristen learned the chords to play "wild thing" today and Thom got to meet his new band director. Everything went very well indeed! Tristen has been wondering about Groundhog day lately and one of the other moms at band this evening just happened to be reading an article on the history of Groundhog day. She happily read it to us. Gotta love it when someone helps you out! Here's my project 365 pic for the day.
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My great Nanny made this quilt. She was a wonderful seamstress. She started to work in a textile factory in 1910. (she was 12) She made many of my clothes when I was small and there are scraps of those clothes in this quilt. My grandmother had this quilt and passed it to me before she died. It is one of my most prized possessions. This quilt weighs a TON due to the technique used in a cathedral window quilting. I gathered it up and stepped on the scale with it. It's about 45lbs. I've tried my hand at this quilt patch and it is very very hard.

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Trivium Academy said...

YOU are amazing. YOU brought tears to my eyes with your wonderful surprise that will delight my children! I am taking pictures of them tomorrow and I'm going to praise you LOUDLY.

Since your email isn't available through your blogs, I have to leave this here. Thank you for the heartfelt gifts! I wish I did live across the street.

:) Blessed to be your friend,