Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yesterday's school went very very well. We got everything done in just under 2 hours. WOW! They just flew threw their work. Today,,, not so much. I fought tooth and nail with T2 today. Whining is something I will NOT tolerate. I HATE it. You can be not in the mood, you can be upset about the lesson, you could probably even get away with a bottom lip pout but the long creeky whine sends me through the roof. Today T2 would NOT write his three language lessons. I wrote him three examples of the types of sentences I would like to see and then he threw his pencil in the floor about 10 times, whined, claimed he couldn't read my handwriting, refused to read them, etc etc. Wow,, that kid is really really trying me today.

I sent him to his room. When I went in to talk to him he was playing his Nintendo DS. More madness. So I made him clean the living room. He wasted my time so I told him I was going to get my time back and he was going to do one of MY chores. Then after we had both settled I gave him his lesson back and told him he still was going to have to do it. Whining all over again. He did eventually do it but it's 6:30 pm and he's STILL working on it. It was illedgable, so he's re-writing them. We didn't even get to read Swiss Family Robinson today because of all the wasted time. We still may do that before bed.

T1 added more stuff to his Ancient Middle East notebook.

The we set a hypothosis for science. We wondered if changing the salinity of water would make it boil faster. We all guessed that it would. You know what? It did,,, but not that much! We tried many different amounts of salt and even when we did a 1:1 ratio Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingit STILL didn't boil that much faster! But all of this led to a discussion on how Sodium is a base mineral. Then we pulled a lot of food out of the pantry and noted how much salt was in each. It was interesting. They learned stuff. ha ha.

Tomorrow we will start with Language. I'm going to get it out of the way. YIKES I hope we don't have to fight over it again. His handwriting is so atrocious. He MUST practice and it's hand to hand combat making that happen!

So on to today's Project 365 picture. It snowed here today btw,, but as you can see,, you can still see GRASS!!! BOOO!
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~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Hmmmm, I always thought salt made water boil slower but at a higher temperature... something about the density of the water. I stand corrected. See what a public school education will do to you. LOL Now, I just have to get this info. to my 8th grade Science teacher. ;o)