Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Do you know what we did today?

Absolutely nothing. You heard me, we did nothing. It's 9:32 pm and the boys are still in their pajamas. Their pajamas from YESTERDAY. Now while I assure you this is not normal protocol for us, it must have been needed because it was like we were all on the same brain wave this morning.
The rule in our house is "no electronics until after school" this means TV, NDS, XBoX,, what have ya. This morning we just kinda looked at on another and while no words were spoken, it was understood. No one had the mental fortitude today for anything except breathing and eating a bologna sandwich. So they walked over to the TV, turned it on and I did not object.

When I settled into this idea I thought, "good, I'll just catch up on the sewing today" but I was so irritated and agitated due to an ever so slight family drama that had transpired that I couldn't concentrate. It turned out to be nothing. Drama is usually that way. It's not even noteworthy.

Speaking of Noteworthy! T1 and I watched this tutorial today and learned how to convert midi files into sheet music! Who says we didn't learn??!?!

I can't say that I'm completely recovered and ready to go all "gung ho" with school tomorrow though. I really need to get over it and re-motivate. We can't afford to be lazy! It's so easy to get into bad habits. I feel like we have to stay on the ball all the time. People are watching us and hoping we fail. I don't think it's mean spirited. I just think that what we (the collective we, as homeschoolers) do is "odd" and people want to be able to say "see, it didn't work".
Wow. If that isn't enough motivation to get on the ball, what is?
But then again, I'm that kind of person. When someone says "you can't", I tend to find a way to prove the "I CAN!". I kinda take it personally.
Ask Mary what I did when the skydiving place in Gatlinsburg Tennessee said I was too fat to skydive. I bungee jumped! So did she. See? We're cool!
Ask my kids what I did when they said that it was too hard to do a front flip off the diving board.
With a torn rotator cuff, I did the front flip. OH LORD did I pay,, but I did it! Now so can the kids!
Perhaps my dr. is taking the wrong approach with me. He should say "Crystal, you'll never ever loose weight, give up".
'Em 'ere is fightin' words!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog.
You know, I understand what you mean about being "gung-ho" because "they" (non homeschoolers) are watching. Half are hoping we fail, because they feel slightly less accomplished as parents for NOT homeschooling; and half watching in awe...only to find themselves on the band wagon the following year! (as I did, watching my sister-in-law last year). My s-i-l and hubby both went to Marshall, btw.

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

LMBO! Yeah, we're cool.

I haven't been very motivated lately either. It's sad since we've only been doing school for three weeks! But I ingeniusly planned a two week break starting next week. Just gotta make it two more days.

crystal said...

Thanks Dawn! GO HERD! he he he

Debbie H. said...

Oh, I so know what you mean about people watching. Everytime we see family they ask the kids what they are learning. Not because they care because they never asked them that when they were in private school. Ugh. Yeah, we decided to homeschool so my kids could stay home and not move past the Blues Clues stage. Argh. :)LOL

Dawn said...

Being a new homeschooler, I'm also forgetting the whole "kids are supposed to be in school thing". We took a much deserved trip to McD's for lunch today, and everyone in there kept looking at me and the kids. Not my first experience with stares being out with my kids during "school" time. Will I get used to it?

crystal said...

No, eventually you'll get brazen about it! Go places at times when you know people will stare and you'll "dare" them to ask.
Of course you'll never be mean or rude but no, you'll never get used to it! LOL

Stephanie said...

Lazy days are always needed! Ya think public school teachers don't have their off and fun days too?