Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Angiosperms and Gymnosperms

Today we learned about Angiosperms and Gymnosperms in Science. We just happened to have some prime examples right in our own yard!
In the garden this strange flower grew up with the sunflowers. The bloom doesn't get very large but the seed pod is about 10 times the size of the flower! I'm glad I didn't pull it up because it made a very good example today.
I'm so glad we decided to do this during the warmer months!

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A dried pod.
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The pod split open.
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The seeds from the pod.
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And then the Gymnosperms. Most Gymnosperms are Conifers. There are a few others: Cycas and Ginkos but for our purposes we studied pines.

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I collected the little pine cones outside of JC Penny about a week ago. It was kinda tough finding a seed but we finally did it!

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We also learned to diagram compound sentences. YUCK. We've done compound subjects and compound predicates but this one took a lot of T1s brain cells! He was NOT happy but completed the assignment just fine.
[vent] T2 on the other hand.....
"remember to capitalize the first word of your sentences"
He didn't.
"remember to punctuate!"
He didn't.
"do page 16"
He did pages 16,17, and 18 and not because he thought it was fun and just loved doing it.
He did this same kind of thing when he was going to private school and I had to deal with the wrath of his teacher.
It makes me nuts. He doesn't want to do any of it and there for none of it holds any importance for him and thusly, he just refuses to try.
Today we're discussing our science lesson and I'm reading about angiosperms. I look up and he's making faces in the mirror. I ask him
"What did I just say? What am I talking about?"
he says "I dunno"
I say "angiosperms ring a bell?"
"OH YEAH!, Angiosperms!"
"What are they T2?"
"NO" Well,, yes,, but no.
The kid thinks he is so much more entertaining and important than anything anyone else in this family. There in which,,, lies the problem. He's capable but has no respect for anyone but himself. He's a total narcissist and the king of drama.
[/vent ]
Ugh. I do a lot of griping about that kid. He's mostly sweet natured and anyone who meets him must think I'm a total beast for complaining about him. He and I are just like oil and water.

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