Monday, August 27, 2007

Government School started in Cabell Co. today.

Last year on the first day of Government school we went swimming. It was a big treat for them but it still didn't take the sting out of not going and seeing their buddies. No first day excitement with a new teacher. No seeing if they'll have "new kids" in their class. Even the cracking of brand new text books was anti-climactic. I mean, we had new text books but they kind of filtered in, we didn't get them all at once.

This year, they didn't even notice. Sweet huh?
This year, T1 went out and worked his summer job. Mowing lawns. I went to the Dr. (UGH! Don't get me started) and we rand to the store to get cookie ingrediants for the Band Kick off tomorrow. We hardly ever do anything on Mondays anyway. In a week or so that day will shift to Tuesdays. We'll have Band, Guitar, Library, and Co-op on Tuesdays. Learning will happen,, I assure you, just not with books.
I've been humming "The Wall" all day. It's become our unofficial "fight song" at Backyard Academy. If you'll recall, the Arby's Oven Mit is our mascot so yeah......
we're an eclectic bunch.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog, it is great. What is Gov. school?(public school??)
That purple sweater is so sweet!I am very jealouse, I cannot knit!!

crystal said...

yup. It's public school supplied by the government.
Thanks for the compliment on the blog and the sweater!