Thursday, August 16, 2007


I really was not in the mood today.

If I were a public school teacher, today would be one of those days were I let "Lisa Simpson" run the projector all day while I laid, head down on my crossed arms, with a little puddle of drool on my desk blotter.

I feel yucky.

If I hadn't spent all day yesterday shuckin' and dewormin' corn I would have called in sick to homeschool. But alas, my ever studious children were required to put up with mommies foul mood and "do school".

I've got snot, and an upset tummy, and a headache, and muscle aches, and I'm chilly and I'm stuffy, and.... and... and.... UGH!

We finished all of our subjects without flare, labs, or drawing of diagrams. I mean, come on! They're lucky I fed them today.
Speaking of drawing diagrams. Does anyone out there love posterboard and sharpies as much as me? I seriously doubt it.

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~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

awwww, hope you're feeling better soon!

We may love our whiteboard as much as you love posterboard? I just prefer the non-permanence of a diagram that wipes away. :)