Friday, August 17, 2007

Praise the Lord anyhow....

Today started out better than yesterday. I didn't wake up feeling like a Mack truck had run over me. Well,, perhaps I didn't feel like the truck had run over me, backed up, noticed he missed my head, backed up some more to get some speed, and then run me over again. I just felt like I had received a "normal" flattening this morning. T1 apparently decided that he was going to sleep all day so T2 and I commenced with the learning.
First (because it requires the least amount of effort from me) he chose to do spelling. Have I told you guys about his new found love of spelling? Yes, this is the YOUNGER child! I'm not even joking! I subscribed to Spelling Time and he LOVES it! I think he's actually learning something too! If you've got a minute, take the tutorial. T1 wishes there was a "big kid" version and I do too!
After that I asked him if he wanted to play Timez Attack a little (again, no effort from me!) He really enjoys using the computer for school. It works well for us because the computer doesn't get frustrated and it holds him accountable. He tried to tell me a few times this morning that the keyboard wasn't typing what he was putting in. Uhhhmmm, NO. Nice try.
Then he went in and finished up the rest of his subjects and T1 wasn't even up yet! The morning went so smoothly that I wonder if the boys shouldn't have seperate school work times.
Then T1 got up. I won't tell you how late he slept, you might come after me with pitchforks and DHHR. I've been letting it slide because the child is getting BO and pimples. (Please do not tell him I said that on the internet) I see the corralation, do you? How is it that this is happening at 11 years old? At any rate he took care of his book work, practice and chores in good time. He looses focus a lot but always seems to get the job done so I don't care.

During both sessions of school today I occupied myself by cutting up a HUGE batch of Sweet Hungarian Banana peppers. I intend on canning something that resembles the things you get with pizza. Wish me luck!
Oh, and our little visitor was here again today! Mama was eyeing the garden but the fence prevailed again!

I had big plans for today but none of them panned out. I did make the required phone calls and finished things that had deadlines (read:: advertisement for our Homeschool band. More on that later). The biggest reason they didn't come to fruition? Here it comes,,, more whining, are you ready? I stepped on a bee. I know, whhaaaaa! But my foot is all hurting and swollen and I can't get a shoe on! I had FLIP FLOPS ON!! It's not like I was barefoot like I usually am! It got me right on my big toe. Can you see the hole in my red swollen toe? That little twirp took a hunk outta me! I know, gross right?
I better get it together. Next week starts the "Parade of too many things to do". Summer break is over for the rest of the world. This means, Band, Guitar, Co-op, and field trips. It's all good stuff, don't get me wrong but I hate being on the go all the time. I like being a homebody.
Speaking of Band.
If you're in my area (and you know who you are!) and you have children over 9, consider T.H.E.M.E.. It's a homeschool band and our fearless band director is the best! Here's his blog.
We're having an informational meeting at Christ the King Lutheran Church on August 28th at 6pm. He'll talk to you about band, help you with your instrument rental and purchasing needs, and even inspect your used instrument! I highly encourage you to give this a try. I don't have to tell you homeschool mom's out there how important music is to your child's education!
If you need more info,, just drop me a line @ Cnewmans at Yahoo dot com.

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~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Matthew loves the "Bi, bi twuck" picture! LOL That's "Big, Big Truck" for those who haven't had a baby in a while. ;)

Switched on Schoolhouse starts at the 3rd grade level. You may want to check into that for your computer freak.

We'll be at the band meeting Tuesday. Ryan has been learning drums. Adam may take piano lessons instead, or possibly in addition to.