Thursday, August 9, 2007


Nothing significant today.
We searched the neighborhood for a fern and no one had one. Today we studied nonvascular plants that don't make seeds. Phylum Pteridophyta. Does that word look familiar? Pterodactyl perhaps? Pteridophyta means "winged plant". Cool huh?
Ferns have spores.
Why does that gross me out so much?
I dunno but it does. I'm kinda greatful that we didn't find a fern today!
T1 had to write a paragraph for language today. Here it is:

Pets often do strange and amusing things. My pet Cheebee once skydived from and airplane at 57,985 feet. His oxygen tank exploded, causing him to go off course and land in Alaska. Because of this, Cheebee lived with the Snow Leapords for a short while. He is one extream cat!

This is how all of the boy's writing is. I should just be happy that he's creative right? BTW,, is it skydived or skydove? Both seem wrong to me!

T2 did his math drill in a reasonable amount of time today!!! The one minute drill usually takes him a good 20 minutes! Today he did it in 5! He also finished most of his work without me having to fuss at him. Today was a GOOD DAY!

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Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

remember, if you want any examples of nature, I have it. You can come out anytime to walk through the woods. We have several kinds of ferns, trees, everything you find in a nice health forest. and then regular petting zoo as well. You won't have any trouble finding most anything here.