Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I seems like when I blog about school, the only thing I write about is science. We do the other stuff too, I PROMISE! The picture to the left is a tiny sunflower I plucked from our garden. I split it in two pieces so the boys could get an up close look at how the little tiny flowers were at the tips of each seed. This helped illustrate how the hilum comes into existance and the corralation between that and our own umbilical cords / belly buttons!
We drew diagrams of seeds in our science notebooks and examined many different types of testa (seed shells). While we were intently looking at seeds under my high powered stitchery magnifing glass I hear T2 yell "SMOKE!" "NO,, FIRE!" and sure enough, we had inadvertantly set the table top on fire! After the excitement wore off and I had sucessfully extinguished the small, barely scorching fire, we spent lots of time trying to recreate the blaze! We were sucessful a few time but often accidentally. Subsequent times we put a plate under our object that we wanted to burn as to not burn the whole house down! Dad got home early today and they didn't have to ask him twice if he would go outside and set stuff on fire with them!

Supervised, of course.

We also read a book today that the boys really enjoyed. It was called "The Meat Eating Plants Next Door" by Sarah Glasscock. It's only 4 chapters long so we passed it around and finished it today. Cute book.

We had a visitor this morning. Aren't they cute!!! I don't think they are twins but we only see one mama. Sometimes we only see one fawn, sometimes 2.

All in all, we had an excellent school day. I only had to threaten T2 one time! Ok,, maybe twice but that's a whole lot less than usual!