Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So much to do....

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So we had our band kick off meeting this evening. It went pretty well. It looks like we'll have enough members, that's a good thing.
My T2 is going to play trumpet. He wants to play sax but he's 8 and yeah.... I don't want to constantly have the thing in for repairs! So I encouraged him to choose something with only 3 valves. He's very excited about it. He came home, went directly for the "T" encyclopedia and drew a picture of a trumpet and labeled it. He brought it to me proud as punch and declared that when he got his trumpet he was going to know all the parts!
Notice how all the words are in the right direction and the letters aren't backwards? Sure, it's wonderful,, but frustrating for me!
He's been very consistant with his guitar practice so I know he'll practice his trumpet too.
Tomorrow is going to be another busy day.
I just want to sew all day, is that so wrong?
Right now I'm tired but I'm too wound up to sleep. Perhaps I'll explore those extra "mommy's little helpers" they gave me for my my MRI. Gotta get some rest so we can tackle diagraming and fractions again tomorrow!

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~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Hey, Adam's going to play trumpet too! But, he didn't choose to draw a picture of one. ;( That is one self-motivated kid you've got there. WTG T2!