Monday, August 20, 2007

Nothing to report.

Nothing much to report today. T1 is 11.1 years old and sufficiently spoiled. T2 has been an excellent child lately and is currently enjoying his new hotwheels track that he got for T1's birthday. We call it his .5 birthday!
I slept in this morning. I must have really needed it because I was sleeping like a ROCK! DH got up, showered, went to the store, came back and we STILL were not up! After we lounged around leisurely I went to my knitting circle. I really look forward to it. We knit for charity and it's very rewarding.
It's storming now so I'm not sure that we'll go to the pool in the morning. If it's overcast and rainy it'll be too cold. Perhaps we'll just do a big art project tomorrow if we don't go swim.
Well, I think I'll knit a square or two for Warm Up America and hit the hay. Night all.


.. Dallas Meow >^^ said...

hard [for me] to read your post

the flowers hang down into it

crystal said...

Thanks! I kinda didn't care for the flowers hangin' down either. I think I like this new one better!

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

the links on the right need to be darked to read thought the web, It could be the color of my visited links

crystal said...

I agree, the yellow is hard on the eyes. I'll get in and tweek the html tonight. Thanks!