Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Catch up.

This might be one of the biggest lulls I've ever had in the blog! I haven't written anything since.. Friday? What's up with that? It's been a very, very busy last few days. It's only going to get worse over the next few weeks.
I MUST get a check in the mail tomorrow come heck or high water. My tester fees are due... like.. a week ago.
  • work on the display board for our homeschool band to take to the Capital on the 27th.
  • work on the plans for Science Club.
  • get a decent project together for Co-op in 2 weeks.
  • work in the words medicare insurance into this post so I can complete my assignment.
  • call a lady about a portfolio class for Cabell Co.
  • go to tester training on the 29th
  • go to the capital on the 27th for Homeschool Day At The Capital.
  • take a friend out for her birthday.
  • get some squares knit for Warm Up America because I've been slacking.
  • finish a shawl for a friend that I'm going to see at the end of March.
  • Get a sitter for the 29th.

Ok, when I look at it written down, it doesn't seem like that much. It's what I should have done in the first place. When I can see it all, it doesn't seem that overwhelming. I'll break it up and do a little each day and it'll be fine.

Famous last words huh? I said that almost like I believed it!smiley laugh

I'm sure that I've taken pictures of stuff but putting them on here would require me to get up and find the camera. Maybe tomorrow.

Yesterday, Dad was home so the kids attention was divided. We did get most of their school work taken care of though. Before band practice I had a few errands to run. Needed ink for old faithful (the printer) and make a run to the bank. Yes, the bank. Uhm,, the bank isn't open on Presidents day. Duh. After band I went to have copies made (so as not to run out my fresh ink supply!) and then to Knit Night at the library. I drug myself in the door about 8:30pm and sat down to work on booklets for Co-op. About then the snow started to fall and I'll admit it, having another snow day was looking good. Alas, it was not to be because no sooner than I allowed that thought to enter my head, the snow stopped. It teased me again this morning but we were there first thing this morning bright and early. Poo.

That brings us to today. Co-op until 12:30pm then skating from 1-3. After that we stopped at Target to pick up some new sleds.

Yes, I bought new sleds. You can thank me now because this will assure that not ONE MORE FLAKE will fall this year. The bonus comes in when I tell you I got them on clearance for $2.00 a piece! WHOO HOO!

Ugh. I'm beat. Keep your fingers crossed for snow tomorrow!


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Science Club? That sounds interesting (hint, hint).
LOL at "medicare insurance" - got that one done!

Jennifer said...

I can see the Capitol from my house ;0)
Tell me more about this Homeschool Day at there, please?

wildwoodflwr said...

Ha. It snowed today.