Friday, February 22, 2008

No not much.

Not much at all. I haven't done anything noteworthy. I haven't been in the mood to write anything. It's been cold and wet and my bones are hurting. I just wanna curl up with my kitties and snooze.
I ventured out into the retail world today. My goal was to find sweats for T1 and shoes for T2. I failed. Regular old sweat pants are getting harder and harder to find. T2 is wearing a man sized shoe now and he wants shoes that don't lace. My big plan was to get him some skater slip-ons but we don't seem to be able to find a pair that fits him. When we do find a pair they're like $30.00 and I'm not about to pay that for canvas tennis shoes.
I did score them both a robe tho. They wanted one and I got a couple on clearance. I also came home with a very nice bookcase. Now I have no room for said bookcase but..... we really needed more room for books! It had been $300.00 and I got it for..... $40.00. Not too shabby huh?

What happened to Thing-a-day? Yeah, I suck. I'm over it. Too much pressure!Laughing Smiley

Other than that,, NOTHING is new. Nothing at all. I am supposed to work the words motion sensor lights into this post somehow. Check. Perhaps if I get out of this funk that I've been in I'll actually work my sponsors in with some care and thought. Not tonight though.

Here's some random things from this past week. For as long as I can remember, I've seen this cloud as I've come up over the Kmart hill on Rt. 60. No, it's not called Kmart hill, it's just the hill closest to Kmart. No, we have much more socially inappropriate names for our hills in WV. I know it's water vapor from the J.A. Power plant but I still put my hands up and say "AHHHH! IT'S A MUSHROOM CLOUD!!!"

I'm just sick like that. That is all.

My next random thought from this week? This necklace. I saw it on a lady the other day and I had to take a picture. You see, when I was young, in my little neighborhood, we were a small but tight gang of kids. There was one family who had not one but two severely mentally retarded children. They were both older than most of us but the younger girl was in our grade at school. We were fiercely protective of her and I'm here to tell you... it was HARD. It was hard because she was hilarious! If you didn't know her and you were a cruel, school aged child (as most are) then you just had to make fun of her! Well, as long as I knew her, she wore this necklace. Yes, the VERY necklace in the picture. She would do this long strided run with her arms pumping and her elbows high in the air. While she was running she would screech "I'M THE POWER OWL!" Yes,,, I told you,, it was HARD. Now you can understand why I had to get a picture right?

Lastly, I have a lot of pet deer. I call them pets because we're "in town" and I can't make them into lunch. Check out this picture. There are actually seven but one is hidden.
You'll also be happy to know that the spell checker is working again. I'll try to remember to use it so as not to offend your eyes with my poor spelling. OH! and Jenny, send me your address I need it to send you your psychodelic sweater! cnewmans at yahoo dot com


Jennifer said...

I constantly see that 'mushroom cloud' from the other side of the valley ;0)
What's with us WV girls in the funk lately anyways? We NEED some sunshine piped into this state obviously!!! LOL!!

Stephanie said...

My kids call those "cloud factories" Lydia knows it is a joke, but I think Nolan thinks that is what they are really there for! :)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

We have loads of pet deer too. I also get pics of them when they stop by. :-)