Saturday, February 9, 2008

Thing-a-Day #9 + Ayn Rand

Whoops! I almost forgot to post something this evening! Here's my thing a day for today. It's a cute little dishcloth! The Hausfrau sent me a link to a pattern and I had to make one up! It seems I'm taking requests! LOL

It was so quick that I had time to read "Anthem" by Ayn Rand. What a powerful book! Here's my favorite quote from chapter 12

"What brought it to pass? What disaster took their reason away from men? What
whip lashed them to their knees in shame and submission? The worship of the word

It was just a great book. I want to read Atlas Shrugged next.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Anthem is one of my favorite books. Atlas Shrugged is a lot different, but still good.

Love the dishcloth - the colors are so pretty!!

Blonde Goddess said...

Anthem is better than Atlas Shrugged, I think...but you may feel differently after you read it.
I actually really enjoyed The Fountainhead...I'd recommend that book by her too.